Quorum Announces New Sales CRM Mobile App


Quorum Information Technologies has announced the release of its new mobile Sales Customer Relationship Management application.

The mobile Sales CRM application allows dealership sales staff to have the full power of the DealerMine branded Sales CRM solution in their hand. The full Sales CRM solution uncovers sales opportunities, manages all customer communications, and provides a comprehensive view of a dealership’s sales operations in a single sign-in platform. It focuses on maximizing outreach, managing leads, and driving sales.

“The new mobile application is a significant enhancement to our complete Sales CRM solution. Our Sales CRM solution, together with our industry leading Service CRM solution, provides a complete CRM solution set to any dealership,” stated Maury Marks, president and CEO of Quorum. “These two products are also part of Quorum’s uniquely integrated product suite of 12 essential software solutions used in whole or in part by 1,459 dealership customers throughout North America.”