Quorum, Government of Canada Announce Lead Generation Data Hub Project


Quorum Information Technologies announced that the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) will be providing a $1,500,000 interest free repayable investment to assist Quorum with the Lead Generation Data Hub project.

The Government of Canada, through ACOA, is providing the investment from the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) which is designed to help companies develop and commercialize new or improved products or services.

Using its XSellerator tools as a foundation, Quorum will develop a data hub that integrates information about the customer from the DMS, the automaker and third-party partners. Over a two-year span, Quorum will build the architecture required to mine existing DMS data, with automaker’s information and existing AI data to build features that present dealership staff with easily actionable sales, service and parts leads.

“The XSellerator Dealership Management System (“DMS”) is focused on streamlining operations and on dealer revenue generation and customer satisfaction,” said Dan Ichelson, XSellerator’s vice-president of operations. “The data hub project will focus on revenue generation by providing sales, service and parts leads to the dealership. Taking a more holistic view of the entire automotive ecosystem, we plan to use a combination of XSellerator DMS, OEM and 3rd party data.  With that complete data set, we will apply AI tools to generate customer specific leads that will be presented to dealership staff within the XSellerator DMS.  The leads will be very easy to action and in many cases dealership staff will be able to automatically allow the system to action the leads.”

“We are delighted with the support from ACOA,” said Marilyn Bown, Quorum’s chief financial officer.  “The XSellerator division is constantly innovating with the OEMs at a significant cost to the XSellerator business unit.  These funds will allow us to leverage that development and integration with other 3rd party partners to deliver a truly unique lead generation approach for dealerships.”