RAPID RTC And SERTI Rebranded As Keyloop


Keyloop announced that it has completed the rebrand of RAPID RTC and SERTI across Canada with the products being renamed under the parent company. This will make Canada the second largest market for Keyloop, which operates across over 100 countries.

RAPID RTC and SERTI were acquired by Keyloop in March 2021 and February 2022 respectively. Since joining the Keyloop family they have been working together to amalgamate and develop their products to help dealers and OEMs provide a seamlessly integrated customer journey and meet their digital demands.

“Canada is a very important market for us and we are committed to growing our footprint within the region,” said Tom Kilroy, CEO of Keyloop. “Whilst Rapid RTC and SERTI have been a part of the Keyloop family for a while, we have been working on integrating RAPID RTC digital tools with SERTI DMS and bringing them into the Keyloop product portfolio. This will provide our customers with the right technology to create a first class, personalized and truly digitally enabled car buying and owning experience.”

Along with the organizational integration comes a new brand identity, all products’ names have been changed to match new Keyloop branding.

“The rebrand comes at an interesting time for the Canadian automotive market as dealers and OEMs adjust to the challenges across much of the global automotive industry,” said Martin Jalbert, vice-president sales at Keyloop Canada. “Dealers and OEMs are experiencing an extremely high turnover of staff and it’s a long process to train new resources. This is having an impact on the way in which dealers and OEMs operate and interact with their customers.”