RAPID RTC Announces Strategic Collaboration With Cox Automotive Canada


RAPID RTC has announced a strategic collaboration with Cox Automotive Canada that will deliver a fully-integrated functionality to improve the customer journey and relationship from online to in-store.

Through this new partnership, RAPID RTC will integrate its chat solution into Cox Automotive Canada’s Dealer.com and Dealertrack Digital Retailing systems to combine the personal touch of an in-store dealership experience with the convenience and transparency of best-in-class online retail.

“As we continue to look for ways to transform the way the world buys, sells, owns and utilizes cars, we’re excited to partner with RAPID RTC to help Canadians bridge the gap between the online and in-store experience,” said Maria Soklis, president, Cox Automotive Canada. “By partnering with RAPID RTC, our Dealer.com and Dealertrack Digital Retailing solutions will further empower online consumers and improve their journey when purchasing a vehicle.”

Starting in mid-February, the RAPID RTC Chat service will work with Dealertrack Digital Retailing and Dealer.com sites in Canada to deliver the ultimate real-time customer experience for their online customers. With this new and unique integration, consumers will be able to connect with a salesperson at the dealership at any point during their online journey using an exclusive chat channel. This channel will enable salespeople in the showroom to chat directly with Digital Retailing consumers in real-time using peer-to-peer connectivity. This opens a whole new dimension of online retailing that affords unlimited dialogue between buyer and seller – to provide additional information, build rapport, and secure a physical appointment at the dealership. As an added benefit, the personal connectivity doesn’t expire when a consumer ends their online session. On subsequent visits, RAPID RTC will use User Recognition Technology to reconnect the consumer with the same salesperson to seamlessly continue their online journey together.

“The Cox Automotive Canada collaboration aligns perfectly with us,” says Glen Demetrioff, president and CEO, RAPID RTC. “The customer experience is greatly enhanced by allowing a customer to interact directly with a live salesperson as they narrow their selection and begin to think about test driving and purchasing. The customer retains the convenience of the online channel while the salesperson offers professional advice to help augment the total online shopping experience without interruption. Connecting a customer to a live salesperson that is 1) not busy with showroom opportunities, 2) doesn’t require an app to connect, and 3) is available at that specific moment when the online customer needs help, is an industry first. When you add the ability for the customer to reconnect with the same salesperson on subsequent website visits then you have created the ideal shopping scenario that finally connects the digital and physical showrooms together. Our collaboration with Cox bridges the human aspect with the online journey – to bring a greater convenience to customers and a higher ROI to dealers.”