Remo Ferri Group to sell Fiat


VAUGHAN, ONT. – The Chrysler Canada lineup is getting a little Italian flavour with the debut of the 2012 Fiat Cinquecento. The Remo Ferri Group said it would be flying the Chrysler Fiat banner from a boutique store, specially designed and staffed to sell and service the newcomer in Vaughan, Ont.

The store, dubbed FiatVaughan, will be adjacent to the group’s Ferrari Maserati complex.

Dealer principal Remo Ferri proudly unveiled on Nov. 19 the 500 and an artist’s rendering of the soon-to-be-built dealership.

“Fiat is back!” Ferri told the gathering. “It brings excitement to North America.”

The FiatVaughan is the only non-Chrysler dealership that will be selling the Fiat. The Remo Ferri Group beat out nearby Colombo Chrysler for the honours.

“I believe in the product. We applied and had a very good business case. We understand the European market, especially here in Vaughan,” Ferri said. “We have a rich history here in Vaughan and now together with Ferrari Maserati, it’s the perfect complement of design, sport and heritage.”

The new store will have an eight-car showroom and 10 bays, he said.

Chrysler Canada announced the first 50 Prima Edizione models would be collector’s items with a “unique” numbered badge. They will be available in rosso (red), bianco (white), and grigio (grey).

“We have started to take orders already,” Ferri said.

Late last week the automaker announced that 58 Canadian dealerships would be selling the reintroduced Fiat in the new year. Chrysler noted in a release that dealers were chosen on the basis of location, the establishment of a dedicated Fiat area, proven sales and customer service expertise.

“More are to be added in the coming months,” Chrysler said.