Renewit, the TADA’s new customer retention tool


People don’t think straight when they have a collision. They don’t plan on having one, of course. And when they get into one, they don’t know how to react, says Jerome Flanagan, general manager, Renewit.

That means they fall prey to unscrupulous tow truck operators, he says. And that’s where Renewit comes in.

Flanagan says a call from the scene of the accident to a Renewit call centre brings helpful advice and assistance in the form of a trustworthy tow truck operator summoned by the call centre operator. The tow truck operator takes the car to the participating dealership where the owner bought it. That’s where the CR comes in.

“To the customer, it’s support. To the dealer, it’s a CR program,” he says.

Renewit is the brain child of Sandy Liguori, a Nissan/Infiniti dealer and owner of Woodchester Collision. Liguori is also the incoming president of the TADA, which owns Renewit.

Flanagan says that when the concept was on the drawing boards, dealers noted that a collision service on its own wouldn’t survive, primarily because nearly 80 per cent of customers stay collision-free. The program needed more features to make it profitable and keep it in the minds of customers whose cars carry the Renewit sticker.

That’s where the Futura Loyalty Group comes in. It crafts loyalty programs for small and medium-sized business in the auto sector. The company’s customers include Green and Ross Tires.

Participating dealers get a private label loyalty program, one with their dealership’s name on it.

The concept is simple: The more the customer uses the dealer’s services and buys their products, the more points the customer can use to pay for services and products at the dealership.

Other products or components include a replacement glass program from PGW and Aquapel Glass Treatment, a windshield rain repeller treatment.

He says that the smart phone is going to keep Renewit on the minds of car owners. He explains that when the vehicle is sold, the sales person loads the Renewit program on the customer’s smart phone.

Registration gives the customer access to the Renewit mobile website or mobi.

That means that when the customer needs help, it’s as close as their smart phone. All they have to do is call and ask for help and it’ll be on it’s way, he says. The mobi also has an easy-to-use collision report and advice.

As a bonus, dealers can send service and product offers tailored to the owner’s vehicle via their smart phones.

In order to keep the service in mind, the offers traffic and transit advice.

While the service is free to the customer, Flanagan won’t discuss the cost of dealer buy-in.

But he will say it’s based on the number of new units sold per year for individual dealerships and there are dealer group rates. There are also discounts for dealers using BASF or Akzo Nobel Paint, two of the program’s sponsors.

For now, Renewit is available only to TADA members, but there are plans to take the program nationwide and south of the border, he says.

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