Reynolds and Reynolds’ SSK ‘squeezes more dollars out of every RO’


Reynolds and Reynolds believes that a profitable service department is key to a profitable dealership. That’s where SSK – Service Sales Kit – fits in.

Reynolds and Reynolds calls SSK an electronic tool box with the tools that let the service advisor “complete a thorough write-up process in the service drive by the customer's vehicle or at the advisor's desk - or anywhere in between.”

SSK lets the service advisor do the following:

- Quickly scan the VIN and greet the customer by name when they arrive in the service drive
- Do a thorough vehicle inspection, which helps them “uncover additional selling opportunities and reduce fraudulent damage claims”
- Complete an easy-to-understand vehicle report card
-  And if  the service advisor uses the tablet PC version, the customer can sign the repair orders on the tablet.

All done electrically and that means “a completely paperless service selling solution.”

What's more, Reynolds and Reynolds says SSK “includes in-depth reporting features - so managers have total insight into each advisor's effectiveness without having to look over their shoulder.”

Reynolds and Reynolds says it developed the software to “squeeze more dollars out of every repair order” which might be lost when the advisor writes up the order.

Using the tablet means the advisor can communicate more effectively with the customer when they are doing the inspection at the vehicle rather than having the dialog go on with the customer staring at the back end of a PC while the advisor pecks away at a keyboard.

In all, SSK helps the service advisor do a consistent and inspection every time and that means increased profit in the service department.

SSK is available to all Canadian dealerships that use the Reynolds and Reynolds ERA DMS.

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