Rooftop solar panels to help power Heffner Lexus Toyota Scion


KITCHENER, Ont. – The state-of-the-art panels, over 800 of them, will generate enough energy to power approximately 26 homes per year, says Willy Heffner, dealership V-P, and the panels will cancel out 190 metric tons of carbon per year. That is equivalent to the carbon removed from the earth’s atmosphere by 150 acres of forest.

“We are thrilled at the win-win nature of this project,” Heffner says.

“We’re now using space that was completely idle to generate power from the sun. It feels very much like the evolution of our long-standing commitment to go the extra mile as a member of our community.”

Managing the project was solar energy developer, Moose Power. The Toronto-based develops, constructs, finances and manages solar power installations throughout the province.

The panels come from Silfab, which boasts a 100,000 sq. ft. solar module manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ont.

Operating in the Kitchener area, Heffner Lexus Toyota Scion is a family-owned and operated dealership founded in 1960 by John Heffner Sr.

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