Simple tips for sales success


Duane Marino

To me, it’s never about what's new. It's about what works. I may have never met your sales team or been in your showroom, but I know a few things about your showroom without ever setting foot in it.

Your best sales person spends more time in their office than anyone else. That same sales person has more appointments than anyone else.

Your best managers spend more time out on the showroom floor than anyone else.

When I walk into a showroom, if I see all the sales people hanging around on the floor all day, and their managers hiding out in their offices all day, it’s an underperformer.  

This team’s game plan is sarcasm, boredom, prayers, meditation and wishful thinking and their sales managers are just sales administrators.

It’s in their offices where sales pros make contacts in the attempt to book appointments. And it’s on the showroom floor where sales managers can direct traffic, break bread and thank everyone for coming in or buying.    

Sales people: 10 contacts a day keeps bankruptcy away and appointments will set you free. Get a paper – yes, I said – a paper monthly appointment calendar and keep it open all day on your desk for subtle pressure and reminders about your week and month. Now, work very hard to fill it up.

Sales managers:  MBWA – manage by walking around. I know you have tons of paperwork, but customers love to meet you and sales people need to see you. No sales, mean nothing to manage, and no job for you.

Business managers:  GOYA – get off your assets. With luck, every customer on the floor will end up in your office. Break the ice and just say hi to every customer randomly, early and often and watch your turn time drop and your income rise.

Duane Marino is the principal of NAASSA Training and MarinoTV Online. He can be reached at 1-888-735-6275, or www.