Subaru of Brampton gets WomenCertified


Subaru of Brampton has joined the growing list of dealers who have earned the distinction of the WomenCertified seal of excellence.

“WomenCertified has not only equipped out staff with valuable insight into the female market, but has helped stage our dealership so that ‘she’ feels comfortable with her car buying and servicing needs,” explained dealership general manager Russ Osborne.

The training program, now in its second year in Canada, has enjoyed meteoric success teaching dealers and their staff how to market and appeal to women customers.

“Women customers influence the majority of car purchases,” explained Sharlene Dobson of WomenCertified. “If they have that much of an impact on the sale, shouldn’t you work to cater to them?”

Exclusively represented in Canada by aftermarket firm Coast-to-Coast Dealer Services, dealers across the country have been signing on to the program first developed by Delia Passi.

Sales and service staff at approved stores undergo a series of training seminars designed to deliver better customer service, with the goal of creating women-friendly companies.

The program and the distinction cannot be purchased. Instead dealers must qualify, receiving both in-house training and ongoing marketing and media support.

“We are thrilled to add the Subaru of Brampton team to our roster of WomenCertified companies and professionals who are raising the bar in providing the best customer service experience,” explained Sherry English, executive Canadian trainer for WomenCertified.

In an exclusive interview with Canadian AutoWorld, Dobson said one of the major automakers in Canada has signed on with the WomenCertified program, ensuring all of the dealerships will be WomenCertified in a few months.

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