Toyota Canada selects Cardone Training Technologies for dealer workshops


Cardone Training Technologies Inc. announced its founder and CEO, Grant Cardone was selected by Toyota Canada Inc. to deliver customized private workshops for Toyota dealers across Canada.  

Toyota dealers worldwide have seen their share of challenges over the last few years, most recently in response to the disasters in Japan that crippled dealers' inventories worldwide, the company said in a release.

Cardone Training Technologies worked with Toyota Canada to tailor a program specifically to address the immediate and mid-range needs of its dealers.

“Toyota Canada knows it is not enough to provide great products, pricing and marketing but that it must also furnish dealers with effective new strategies for handling today's better informed internet savvy customer in this highly competitive industry and that any training must start with the operators and automobile dealers,” said Grant Cardone.  

“Toyota is back to production capacity of 100 per cent and preparing to unleash massive marketing campaigns and aggressive pricing with the aim of dominating the marketplace.”