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Toyota Mirai to hit dealerships this year – Canadian Auto World

Toyota Mirai to hit dealerships this year


Toyota said its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle would begin retail sales in Canada this year.

The company confirmed it would launch with select fleets in Québec, where the Mirai will take advantage of the province’s clean hydroelectric power generation.

“Toyota is passionate about helping Canada, and societies around the world, enjoy a greener future – as we have outlined in our Environmental Challenge 2050. And the Mirai – a zero-emissions, production model sedan – is an important milestone as we work to achieve this,” said Martin Gilbert, director of sales planning and innovation at Toyota Canada.

“Working closely with the Québec government and key stakeholders, we feel the time is right to put Mirai on the road in the province.”

The Mirai’s introduction follows the successful market launch of the Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid vehicle. The company launched a real-world market trial of Prius Prime in Québec in mid-2017, and the success of that experience set the stage for expanding Prius Prime to the rest of Canada this year.

Toyota said it also created a blueprint for advanced technology vehicle introductions that will help Toyota ensure Canadians embrace fuel cell electric vehicles such as the Mirai.

The main sticking point with the vehicle, as with every other hydrogen cell car on the road, Mirai needs a source of hydrogen.

With Hydro Québec ranked as the fourth-largest producer of clean hydro-electricity in the world, Toyota Canada said it has been working closely with partners in Quebec over the past year – in particular, the Ministries of Energy, Environment, and Transportation – to ensure the introduction of an appropriate fueling infrastructure in the province.

Mirai can travel more than 500 km on a tank of hydrogen and offers refuelling time similar to a regular gasoline vehicle. The automaker also stressed the car has also proven its mettle in cold-weather.

An exact sales date was not provided. Nor were any details about the initial retail strategy or MSRP.