TRADE X Enhances ‘Brain’ Platform


TRADE X announced that it is enhancing and expanding the reach of its end-to-end platform for global automotive trade by further bolstering its data science team, who will focus on leveraging the platform’s data and analytical capabilities to support the company’s strategic focus of adding new international trading corridors.

The TRADE X ‘Brain’ platform is a machine-learning, AI-driven technology that provides insights into global vehicle availability and valuation and is powered by unique models that identify regions where certain automotive makes and models are in highest demand.

Through its trading network, TRADE X connects global automotive buyers and sellers. The company recently launched an ambitious expansion plan to open numerous new international trade corridors over the next 12 months. When using the TRADE X platform, customers gain trust, control, and insights into all aspects of global trading, including title management, buyer/seller sourcing and connectivity, customs and border process, regulation and admissibility requirements, taxation and fees, supply chain and logistics, condition and servicing of inventory, as well as the processing of complex multiparty financial transactions in different currencies.

“As supply chains undergo a once-in-a-generation reconfiguration, cross-border delivery has become more complex,” said TRADE X executive vice-president and chief operating officer Luciano Butera. “TRADE X is at the forefront of import/export modernization by removing the friction in global vehicle trading, creating new and better options to connect automotive dealers globally, and reducing counterparty risk.”

TRADE X chief data scientist Wally Trenholm is bringing on Maithili (Mai) Mavinkurve as vice-president of data. She will focus on leading the governance of TRADE X’s growing data asset portfolio to better support integration and improve how dealers buy and sell pre-owned automobiles globally.