TRADE X’s Auction Alliance Program Launches with Wholesale Express


TRADE X announced that it has entered into its first strategic auction alliance today with Wholesale Express, a Canadian online daily auction site that sells pre-owned cars to registered dealers in Quebec, Ontario, and Eastern Canada.

Founded in 2013, Wholesale Express offers approximately 8,500+ pre-owned vehicles for sale on its platform monthly. TRADE X’s Auction Alliance Program allows an auction partner to link their inventory feed with the TRADE X ‘Brain’ platform to analyze suitable inventory to broadcast to TRADE X’s global buyers.

“As this is our first partnership through the new Auction Alliance Program, we are excited about the opportunity to work with Wholesale Express, its auction and their clients, providing their auction inventory greater exposure to a global audience,” said TRADE X executive vice-president and chief operating officer Luciano Butera. “Wholesale Express auction vehicles have an opportunity to earn a higher sale price while being transacted seamlessly, just as if they were selling to a local buyer. Through these auction alliances, we are aiming not only to increase inventory visibility to our global buyers, but also to demonstrate that global trade can be uncomplicated and seamless. By introducing vehicle inventory directly to new markets, we are promoting trust between buyer and seller in a global marketplace.”

“In partnering with TRADE X, we can offer new solutions to our customers and leverage this ability to help fuel our expansion to the rest of Canada and the US, as the value add of being able to communicate our clients’ inventory globally is an immeasurable differentiator for our auction platform,” said Eric Gosselin, vice-president operations at Wholesale Express. “Through this new alliance, our sellers will have peace of mind knowing that they’re getting the highest possible price for their vehicles from an audience of worldwide buyers – the upside is incredible.”