TRADER launches new photo solution


TRADER says a new partnership with Egos Ventures will result in better images and improved customer experiences for vehicles listed on

The program, called the Capture360° solution, will launch in the TRADER Dealer App and give potential buyers the chance to see all around the vehicle.

TRADER says dealers can launch the app and then scanned the vehicle by walking around it and keeping it in frame.

“The built-in 3D engine then goes to work to capture and stitch together all the images, to generate a smooth 360° spin view of the vehicle. A future release of the app will also enable users to add hotspots to highlight the vehicle’s features before publishing the photos,” the company said in a release.

Egos Ventures CEO Bruno Francois said the photo view technology and partnership was developed to create a consistent viewing experience for car buyers.

“Buyers will be able to seamlessly look at vehicles from all angles, without being restricted to single frame views,” he said.

TRADER said that when viewing vehicle inventory online, consumers want to see numerous, high quality photos from different camera angles.

“Accordingly, vehicle listings with multiple photos on receive 10x more engagement than those without. Capture360° enables dealers to render 360° spin views of vehicles from their smartphones, to enhance the visual appeal of their vehicle listings on,” the release said.