U.S. Porsche Dealers To Use Smartglasses For Auto Repairs


Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) has begun rolling out “Tech Live Look” to its 189 U.S. dealers, connecting the dealership technicians to remote experts using smartglasses.

Tech Live Look combines computerized eyewear and augmented reality software to allow remote experts to see what a service technician is seeing and provide feedback while the technician works hands-free. Using high-definition live video from the glasses, the support team can also project step-by-step technical bulletins and schematic drawings onto the display inside the technician’s glasses, as well as take screen shots and enlarge images for better visibility. The technician can also open and view documents while working.

“Tech Live Look is the kind of digital innovation Porsche values because it raises the quality of the customer experience,” said Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of PCNA. “By solving issues faster, our dealer partners can get their customers back into cars with less disruption. And our overall service quality increases as we share expertise more efficiently between our experts and dealer technicians.”

The goal is to have 75 dealers on board by the end of the year and most of the remainder in 2019.