Volkswagen Canada to offer TDI goodwill program


Volkswagen Canada officials confirmed it is ironing out final details for a TDI goodwill program for Canadian drivers similar to the one announced by its U.S. counterpart.

Thomas Tetzlaff with VW Canada media relations says everything should be in place by next Wednesday as it continues to work through logistics with its dealer network.

“Essentially, eligible customers will be offered a pre-paid credit card along with a dealer credit to be used at their discretion,” Tetzlaff explains. “Customers will also be receiving an additional three years of complimentary roadside assistance for their vehicle.”

All costs for the prepaid Visa cards and the dealer credits for sales, service or vehicle upgrades will be taken care of by Volkswagen Canada and not offloaded to the dealer network.

The move comes after VW’s U.S. office offered owners of its diesel-powered vehicles caught up in the emissions scandal vouchers worth up to $1,000.

Michael Horn, chief of Volkswagen U.S., called the goodwill package a “first step” towards regaining customer trust.

Audi is expected to reveal details of a similar plan later this week.

Upwards of 11 million vehicles around the world have been engulfed in the scandal after it was revealed in September VW Group had used defeat device technology to cheat emissions testers.

EPA figures show some nameplates produced roughly 40 times the legal amount of nitrogen oxides.