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Websites for sales people

Paul Chesher doesn’t think the idea’s strange, or new, for that matter.

“I always had a website when I was in sales. It increased my credibility when I was prospecting,” the head of website design firm AutoProMetrix said. “I could tell people to check out my site. It helped me build rapport with customers. The site was a social environment before social media.”

Chesher told Canadian AutoWorld  he sold cars mainly at Chrysler stores for three years before getting into web designing.

His website highlighted some of the cars in his dealer’s inventory and articles on how to negotiate a car deal. He stressed the site was clearly branded so it was obvious which dealership he was selling cars for. But it wasn’t linked to the dealer’s site.

“If I spend the time driving traffic to my site using Facebook, Twitter and business cards, the customer calls or emails me directly. They don’t go to the dealership and get someone else,” he explained.

If the customer wanted to find him, they clicked on the “find me” button and a Google map showed them how to get to the dealership, he said.

Soon, his site was getting attention from fellow salespeople, who wanted him to build one for them.

“And that’s where AutoProMetrix came from.”

He began work on the company in 2008 and launched it in December 2010.

Chesher likens his company to a housing construction company: The customer picks the model and AutoProMetrix does the rest.

“Most sales people aren’t site builders. They can find the tools, but they’ll spend 10 to 20 hours doing the building and it’ll look like a 10-year-old did it.”

He says most of his customers are used car people and many are dealers, who buy a site with enough blocks, or spaces, for their sales people. Should a salesperson move on, the dealer just cleans out the block and, like a desk, it’s ready use by someone else.

Each site or block comes equipped with a CRM feature, he said. Once the prospect signs in, the site stores the information or sends it along to the dealership’s DMS where the sales person gets credit for the lead.

If the sales person moves on, the data stays with the dealership.

Features include email management, video access to YouTube and other social media, and space for inventory pictures.

There’s a resource area where users can learn how to use their site and a community area where users can get help and learn new ideas from other users.

If there’s a problem, there’s a 1-800 number to call.

The sites start at $14.99 a month. There’s a free 30-day trial.

“Our system exists in the clouds. Once an update is available, it goes into our data centre and goes out automatically to our customers, so they will always be on the cutting edge when it comes to design and social media,” Chesher said.

For more information, contact Paul Chesher 905.505.4653 or paul.c@mediatownmarketing.com.