WomenCertified to offer program in French


Roughly two years after hitting the Canadian dealership market, the best-selling WomenCertified training system is rolling out a French version of its program soon.

“We embrace all of Canada,” WomenCertified founder Delia Passi said. “We understand how important the French-speaking market is and we want to be there just as much. Every dealership should have access to our program.”

The roll out, called a “major evolution” by Passi, is expected to kick off for French dealers who qualify sometime in the next 60 days.

“This really demonstrates the growth of the program and how successful it has been for Canadian dealers.”

WomenCertified is a training system developed to help businesses relate to and sell to the female customer. Adapted for the auto industry and handled by Coast to Coast Dealer Services in Canada, the certification program has been growing by leaps and bounds despite the fact that dealers have to qualify and can’t simply buy the certification.

Passi, speaking from the show floor, said even though the retail auto industry as been responding well to her program on both sides of the border, women on the whole have yet to embrace the industry and show their strong brand loyalty.

The automotive experience tends to be about speed, she said. “It is about how fast they can service the car or how quickly they can find the right vehicle for you. Women value relationships. Dealerships have to include their female customers in events, demonstrate you care and remember little things like the anniversary of when they bought the car.”

Passi credited much of the growth of WomenCertified to shifting trends in both influence and wealth of women.

For more information on the WomenCertified program, call Sharlene Dobson at 1-888-561-7477 or check out the website at www.womencertified.ca