CARPROOF and LeaseBusters join forces in the crusade for transparency


CARPROOF and LeaseBusters announced July 28 they have a new, joint effort aimed at bringing more transparency to the lease and finance takeover process.

LeaseBusters, founded in 1990, and its FinanceBusters division connect consumers looking for an early exit to their current lease or financing contract with those looking for short-term agreements at discounted rates.

CARPROOF says its vehicle history reports (VHRs) provide best-in-class information about the history and condition of a used car.

As of July 28, the VHRs will be available to both new and existing LeaseBusters and FinanceBusters clients.

New clients will have access to the reports as they enter the listing process, and existing clients can add a VHR to their current listings.

The addition of CARPROOF VHRs to the LeaseBusters and FinanceBusters process ensures that consumers will have access to the complete history of the vehicle they are considering.

“Honesty and integrity are two of our guiding principles,” says Jim Matthews, president and GM of LeaseBusters and FinanceBusters.

“Integrating CARPROOF into our listing process provides our customers with everything they need to know about the vehicle they are looking at, before they sign on the bottom line. It was a natural progression.”

“We are happy to expand our relationship with LeaseBusters,” says Mark Rousseau, CARPROOF president.

“CARPROOF was built to make used car transactions more transparent, so the opportunity to lend this benefit to the leasing industry is exciting. It means that not only are we helping used car buyers, but now we can also help lessees be confident that the vehicle is a good value, with no surprises at lease return.

“Everybody wins.”