Co-Auto has the answer to the high cost of car insurance


When new Canadians and millennials want to buy a car, the cost of car insurance can kill the deal.

“With newcomers to Canada and young buyers, the insurance premiums often are higher than the car payment,” says Sandy Liguori, president of Co-Auto Collision Services. “If we can solve that, or give them a cost-of-ownership picture right up front, it makes the sale easier.”

Liguori says Co-Auto has a solution –

While the car shopper is in the dealership, they can call up or go online to and get five competitive quotes, all in less than five minutes.  

“If they purchase the policy, the dealer gets credit for that,” he says. “And in the event of a collision, when the customer calls their insurance broker, which is HUB International, or their insurer, they are told to go back to the dealer, nowhere else.”

He says this eliminates what he calls “outside influences,” insurance adjustors, tow truck operators, the brother-in-law, who lead the policy holder away from their dealership’s collision centre.

Liguori says that if the salesperson misses the opportunity to have the shopper get a quote, the F&I manager can handle it. He urges service advisors to tell customers about when they bring their car in for service.  

“The biggest opportunity … It’s the customer who comes in day after day in the service department.” is available only to dealers in the Co-Auto Collision Services Program.

For more information, contact, Co-Auto Collision Services.