Controlling the delivery chaos


Controlling the delivery process will save your whole dealership time, money and embarrassment.

As a first step, say goodbye to the old hand written white boards for recording deliveries. They aren’t exactly protecting your customer’s confidential information are they? Instead, replace the white board with centralized reporting so every department knows, in real-time, what cars are going out when.

F&I should be in control of scheduling delivery appointments so as to not overwhelm any department. Sales, service, parts and clean-up all need to be able to see this same list to stay efficiently coordinated.

Management also needs to be able to see, at a glance, which deals have approved credit apps, paperwork ready and delivery appointments booked and yet to be booked so no opportunity is missed.

It is also key to know which sold vehicles have arrived in stock. If a car won’t arrive in time for its expected delivery date, proactively calling the customer to reschedule their delivery and perhaps helping them make other arrangements will be much appreciated. It is highly embarrassing to have a customer arrive for their delivery when their car has not ready.

If a car has arrived in stock, getting it cleaned and out the door ASAP is key to saving floor plan dollars and spreading out deliveries throughout the month to avoid that end of the month crush.  A customer who is given a professional, unhurried delivery will likely tell their friends and family about their outstanding experience.

A super simple way to avoid losses is to proactively call to confirm delivery appointments a day ahead. The cost of re-cleaning a car due to a missed delivery is easily $20/vehicle.  

Having a central transparent delivery booking process will help create an efficient and enjoyable delivery process for F&I Managers, customers and everyone else in your dealership. So the question is, how well do you control your delivery process?

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