DealerTrack Canada announces DMS integration with Audi, Volkswagen


DealerTrack Canada has announced DMS integration with Audi/Volkswagen of Canada. This new partnership enables the integration of any Canadian Volkswagen and Audi dealer communications platform with the DealerTrack Canada DMS.

Audi/VW dealers using DealerTrack’s DMS will soon be able to access Audi’s AIM information and their DMS on the same desktop.

The company says it will also integrate with financial accounting systems, support transactions including repair orders, parts orders and acknowledgements, parts returns and some service history information.  

“If you don’t currently use DealerTrack’s DMS, consider the benefits our solution can provide,” DealerTrack said in a release. “Real-time analysis and reporting, free upgrades, flexible and open integration with Audi/VW and other dealership software.”

DealerTrack also says it has a lower ASP-based pricing, a dedicated support team and no long-term contracts.

The DealerTrack DMS operates on a web-based, “software as a service” business model, with no upfront hardware costs.

For more information about the DealerTrack DMS and the Audi/VW communications interface, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or call 1-866-360-3863.