DealerTrack partners with Kia Canada


DealerTrack Canada announced it has entered into a strategic partnership to provide Market Data to Kia Canada, Inc.

DealerTrack Canada’s Market Data product provides transactional, non-personal data to allow the carmaker to analyze past and current transactions so it can make more informed pricing and other marketplace decisions.

This real-time information is generated from DealerTrack’s financing platform, which currently facilitates financing of most of Kia Canada’s vehicle sales. Kia will use the data to analyze the overall competitive landscape, including the impact of incentive and subvention spending down to the regional level.

“We are delighted to have Kia Canada as a significant and important partner and the first OEM in Canada to utilize our data services,” said Michael Collins, vice president and general manager of DealerTrack Canada, Inc.

“We believe that the Market Data services available from DealerTrack will help Kia get the right product to the right consumer and drive both top- and bottom-line growth. Kia and other Canadian OEMs now have the opportunity to use Market Data to more effectively target their vehicle content, pricing and promotions, thereby increasing sales and optimizing profitability.”

“More than ever before, it is critical to understand our customer’s requirements,” said Mark McCash, national marketing manager, Kia Canada, Inc.

“Market Data is able to provide us a high level of detail allowing us to engage in more efficient resource utilization and allocation.”