Equifax Canada’s touts power of Neighbourhood View


Equifax Canada says that in today's tough marketplace, auto dealers have to work harder than ever to find new customers and keep their existing customers “for life.”

Equifax Canada warns against “using tools that search existing customer databases for new leads, relying on word-of-mouth, launching costly corporate marketing campaigns such as  one-page advertisements or glossy brochures to showcase specific models or offer package incentives, or even giving in to  mass-mailing initiatives may offer instant visibility and awareness, but have no call-to-action by the intended prospect, fail to achieve desired results.”

Why? Because these time-consuming efforts fail to accurately identify and effectively reach the right customers for their business, the company says.

The company goes on to say today’s innovative auto dealers are turning to Equifax for better information to help improve target marketing strategies for new customer acquisition and account management. 

The company explains that Neighbourhood View is built from its “robust consumer credit database” and is available at the postal code level or at the street level. It lets dealers effectively prospect and target new customers by delivering the intelligent information needed to refine their strategies and drive additional revenue while reducing expenses.

“This prospecting tool  is flexible and privacy compliant so dealers can  take a more tactical  approach to direct mail, driving more sales to attract buyers, increasing traffic to their dealer network, and saving precious marketing dollars through a more focused approach to new customers.”

Equifax says Neighbourhood View gives dealers the power to examine financial behaviour by geography - right down to the street level.

“Depending on their marketing focus, Equifax can look at combinations of proxy income data, credit limits and scores to help dealers make the right offers to the right prospects at the right time. In fact, we can track existing car loans and leases in neighbourhoods all across Canada”, says JP Hornbrook, director, product management, Equifax Canada.

“By finding and reaching the right customers, Equifax helps dealers maximize response rates, reduce their cost per acquisition, and minimize the waste of marketing to the wrong households”, Hornbrook adds.

For more information, call 1-877-332-5931 and speak to an Equifax advisor or visit www.equifax.ca/findnewcustomers,