F&I folks can take a guilt-free day off


“This mobile functionality allows business managers and sales managers to monitor the status of credit applications from their mobile devices anywhere, anytime,” RouteOne said.

“Dealers may check on approvals and deal updates and manage leads through the RouteOne Lead Manager while away from the office, providing them with more flexibility in obtaining financing for customers.”

Via an online demonstration, Jesse Pappas, RouteOne’s social media strategist, showed how the app works.

Maybe, you’re sitting down for lunch when a customer calls wanting to know whether their financing’s been approved.

Pappas explained that all you have to do is select the deal manager option on your smart phone and up pops a list of your customers who have financing apps on the go. Next to each name, you’ll see the deal’s status: approved; pending; declined.  

Looking for the details on that financing? Just select the customer’s name and get the numbers, he said. Then call back the customer with the news and finish eating.

Maybe you’re walking the lot with your customer and want to know their financing prospects. Hit credit report request and choose the credit report company you want, Equifax or TransUnion. Punch in the customer’s name and supply the information requested; get their approval, then hit submit and the customer’s credit score appears.

“Take the power of RouteOne no matter where you are … Track and manage deals in the palm of your hand,” Pappas said.

“Powerful mobile functionality combined with access to every major lender in Canada makes RouteOne and obvious choice for any dealer,” said RouteOne Canada president Barry McMillan.

McMillan said since RouteOne is integrated with all major DMS, there’s no need to double key credit apps. That means time saved and fewer errors while “one-click printing” makes it easy to use worksheets.

For more information, call 1-877-553-0003 or visit www.routeone.com/mobile.