Final Coat’s total package


It is no secret that auto dealers across North America have faced unique challenges over the past two years. Canadian dealers have fared better than their American counterparts, but have been faced with erosion of profitability due to increased costs and fewer sales.  

“Like never before, dealers are telling us of the importance of F&I to their bottom line,” Final Coat CEO Randy Peek told Canadian AutoWorld. “This universal focus transcends brand lines but it is especially important, if not critical, for some dealers of specific makes.”

He went on to say that more dealers have a renewed focus on protection packages. New facilities, an emphasis on green technologies, better warranty coverage, all have decreased the use of conventional spray products “with most of our dealers deciding to avoid the mess and additional cost of upgrading their facility to legally spray corrosion protection products. The hassle of subletting this work has not been the answer either.”

Peek says since Final Coat’s beginnings in 1983, the industry has changed dramatically as has his company. From a business that was 100 per cent chemical, the company has evolved to one with over 99 per cent of its corrosion protection revenue coming from its patented corrosion technology, he said.

“Our latest module offers the lowest power draw on the vehicle’s battery in the industry at one-third of a milliamp.”

He said the added benefits of Final Coat’s sheet metal corrosion protection have allowed dealers’ F&I profitability to increase without the environmental hazards of the past.

“The addition of Xzilon’s Molecular Adhesion paint protection to Final Coat’s offerings has revolutionized the way customers can protect their vehicle’s finish with the industry’s first full 10-year warranty on the vehicle’s painted exterior.

Add the CM3000’s patented corrosion technology with warranty coverage against rust perforation from the outside in and our Rip/Tear &Burn Warranty on the interior make Final Coat’s 24/7 Ultimate Protection Program a easier sell for the dealer’s F&I Office to their customers.”

Final Coat’s new online warranty registration website, warranty coverage underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance along with Final Coat’s special all-in-one protection kit pricing, make Final Coat a solid choice for new car dealers, he said.

For more information, contact Larry Dolmer, director of sales at 1-877-212-7930.