IA-SAL partners with MJL Enterprises to launch iSTAR


IA-SAL said it has partnered with MJL Enterprises to launch a new marketing and development platform called iSTAR as part of IA-SAL’s STAR performance program.

The company said the software will feature an extensive video suite for training and coaching, internal messaging, and a detailed reporting module.

“MJL Enterprises is able to provide us with an innovative software solution that can add significant value to our national training program. At IA-SAL, we work closely with business managers and dealer principals to set goals that can improve business office profitability. With iSTAR, our ability to engage with dealers and provide targeted strategies based on clear analytics will be greatly enhanced,” Gordon Swail, senior director of training and brand performance at IA-SAL.

Dealers who sign on to iSTAR will have access to customized, mobile menu selling and online personalized coaching from IA-SAL's performance specialist team.

The software’s reporting suite will also make it possible to execute follow-up sales based on system generated data.

The dealer performance platform is hosted on servers at the Atlantic Technology Centre in Charlottetown, PEI, and the software will be available to dealerships throughout Canada.