Jaguar Canada announces new warranty


Jaguar Canada launches new warranty

Jaguar Canada is making a statement with its new Platinum Coverage customer care program, says company president Gary Moyer.

“This sends a solid message to consumers that we are standing behind our products, and shows we are as competitive if not more competitive than ever before,” he added.

Coinciding with the launch of the new 2011 Jaguar XJ luxury sedan, the Platinum Coverage program increases coverage on the entire 2011 lineup and gives the automaker one of the best maintenance plans in the luxury business, Moyer says.

Included is a five year/80,000 km new vehicle warranty and complimentary scheduled maintenance for the duration of the term. That includes no-cost replacement of “selected wear and tear components.”

He says the package will cover oil changes, filters, brake pads and disks, brake fluids and wiper blade inserts.

“We see this as improving two areas of our business,” Moyer says. “We believe that on the front end, it will create additional sales because we are standing behind our warranty.” He went on to say the program should also lead to increased service sales on the back end.

Dealers will be eating the costs associated with new warranty, but he maintains the manufacturer has reduced the margins on parts to make it cheaper to implement.

“We not just trying to upload additional costs for the dealer, we’re trying to create a win-win-win. Win for the customer getting a best-in-class warranty and we are trying to create a good opportunity for the dealers to sell more cars and have some additional back end business.”

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