LGM partners with ONE-EIGHTY CORP


LGM has announced a strategic alliance with ONE-EIGHTY CORP. that will see integration between the ONE-EIGHTY’s DLS Accelerator and LGM’s e-Contracting portal known as the Dealer Resource Centre (DRC).

“This integration will enable dealers that use ONE-EIGHTY’s A-Z Sales and CRM to populate the LGM’s DRC with required customer and vehicle information thereby virtually eliminating duplicate data entry,” LGM said in a release.

ONE-EIGHTY says it will be provided with current rates, products, packages and coverage options for all LGM products.

“By providing this exchange of data our mutual customers will enjoy leading edge integration affording them a seamless process for the presentation and sale of LGM products (including LGM’s private labeled OEM products),” LGM continued.

“This strategic alliance affords LGM and our customers’ a seamless transition between one of the industry’s leading F&I Desking solutions as well as ONE-EIGHTY’s incredibly powerful Menu Selling Tool,” said Randy Price, president of LGM.

“We are excited about the release of this innovative, seamless integration with LGM.” Added AJ Mueller, CEO of ONE-EIGHTY CORP.

“It will assist our many common dealership clients to more efficiently present and process sales of the LGM suite of products using today’s leading edge technologies. The ability to sell more products in less time equates to increased sales and profit generation for Business Managers using ONE-EIGHTY.”