Menu selling the ONE-EIGHTY way


By the time your customer gets to the F&I office, they will be familiar with car buying the ONE-EIGHTY way.

The turn around is easy. The deal pops up in ONE-EIGHTY on the business manager’s screen with all four packages of F&I products relevant to the deal and the business manager is ready for the next stage in the sales process, says Kerry Mueller, president of ONE-EIGHTY CORP. In fact, the business manager knows before the customer sets foot in the office what type of deal they are about to get and can review it. 

There’s no double entry to Menu Selling a la ONE-EIGHTY because it’s all in the ONE-EIGHTY Sales and CRM system, DLS Accelerator, she says. So the business manager can get right into explaining those packages and the products and the differences those packages make to the vehicle payments.

“Just turn the screen around and it’s a two-way conversation with the customer being visually engaged in their buying decision,” she says. “If the customer wants, they can have a printout of the presentation or email it to them.”

The goal is to make the business manager more efficient and profitable.

“If you can see more people and present more efficiently, the chances of your sales going up are extremely high, and your CSIs will be improved because you save the customer time, too. If you can move the process along, present more products and make it painless, everybody wins.”

When the customer decides what package they want, all the business manager has to do, she says, is point and click and the package is added to the deal.

And coming this fall, ONE-EIGHTY says it’s made the presentation even more customer friendly.