My Business anywhere lets user do mobile business ‘anywhere’


ONE-EIGHTY CORP. said its My Business anywhere platform, an addition to the company’s A-Z Sales and CRM system, works on tablets, smartphones and laptops as well as desktop computers.

My Business anywhere “responsively resizes” to fit the user’s mobile device letting managers and salespeople do their jobs in a “more desk-free way.”

The company said salespeople can do inventory searches and presentations, side-by-side favourite vehicles comparisons, side-by-side payment comparisons on favourite vehicles, create a quote, add rebates and accessories, review delivery schedules, follow-up and book appointments and check to see if their clients came in for service appointments.

ONE-EIGHTY president Kerry Mueller said “ONE-EIGHTY is leading in this mobile deal innovation. Our dealers have been asking for this edge so that they can be more efficient, do business on the go and reduce IT costs.”

Mueller explained that when the salesperson and the customer get down to talking about payments, they or their managers could review the various finance and lease options side by side.

“That makes it easy for the customer to choose … It engages customers wherever they are and helps them reach a buying decision.”

“It’s all done in a low-key and relaxed way,” she said.  

Mueller insisted that when ONE-EIGHTY said My Business anywhere is a mobile platform, it meant it. Sales managers can desk deals, approve them and mark cars sold from their mobile devices too.

My Business anywhere lets the sales manager see among other items the vehicle’s total list price, discount, total sales price, a breakdown of the gross – total vehicle cost, vehicle gross, and F+I gross – and modify or approve the deal, ONE-EIGHTY said.

The company said more innovations are on the way.
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