New carbon offset program from Global Warranty


Global Warranty says its latest product is designed to increase dealer profit on a per unit basis and help the environment at the same time.

Called Drive Canada Green and set to launch shortly, the program provides dealers the chance to sell carbon offsets to new car buyers in the business office.
“The program has undergone two years of development including input from automotive dealers across the nation, and is designed to increase dealers’ profits on a per unit basis while helping the environment by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions – the leading cause of global warming,” the company said in a release.

Drive Canada Green by Global Warranty is offering CSA registered, ISO 14064 certified quality carbon offsets.

“Customers can feel confident that 100 percent of carbon offsets purchased are dedicated to supporting Canadian projects, thereby benefitting Canada’s environment directly.”

Roy Neufert, founder of Global Warranty, says all dealer support and marketing material such as signs, brochures, and vehicle stickers are supplied by Drive Canada Green and Global Warranty.

Dealers will also be given exclusive access to the Drive Canada Green and Global Warranty websites for all transactions to allow them to calculate a vehicle’s carbon footprint and the number of carbon offsets the customer may require from one year up to the full term of their financing.

Neufert adds that each Drive Canada Green customer receives a numbered certificate at time of vehicle delivery, registration numbers for each carbon offset purchased, as well as access to an audited offset registry where they can see that their offsets have been retired in their name.

“Global Warranty and Drive Canada Green have made sure that their carbon offset program meets all current and future legislation in accordance with Environment Canada, and ensure that their carbon offsets and project are verifiable, sustainable and accountable.”

For more information about the program, contact Drive Canada Green with Global Warranty at 1-800-265-1519, 519-672-9356 or