ONE-EIGHTY CORP’s menu selling makes an ‘immediate impact’


ONE-EIGHTY dove head first into the world of menu selling by launching Menu Selling à la ONE-EIGHTY in November 2009.

“Our goal is to dramatically raise business office sales through an integrated menu presentation that is presented 100 per cent of the time,” says Kerry Mueller, president, ONE-EIGHTY CORP. “Forty per cent of our dealers have already embraced our new menu feature.”

Larry Mpilalis, financial services manager at Open Road BMW says he immediately noticed a quantifiable increase in business office gross with the usage of the ONE-EIGHTY Menu system.

“It offers a seamless transition into and out of the deal for aftermarket items and ensures that all of the items are offered 100 per cent of the time,” he says.

ONE-EIGHTY says that increasingly, OEMs are branding their own business office products such as warranties, insurance and tire and rim protection. This branding greatly increases customer confidence.
Product presentation is also key.  

“Showcasing the manufactures logo, coupled with a photo and/or video of the product helps the customer to fully understand the value of their purchase,” Mueller says. “The ONE-EIGHTY Menu is also designed to be emailed so presentations can be professionally done over the phone.”

“As Canada’s leading provider of private labelled OEM business office products, including VW and Kia, we strongly support the use of menu selling as it allows dealers to present 100 per cent of their business office products 100 per cent of the time” says Randy Price, president of LGM.

“LGM is excited about the deployment of the ONE-EIGHTY Menu product as it allows OEM-branded products to be presented in a way that supports OEM brand standards and enables users to quickly modify coverage types to meet the needs of their consumer.”

ONE-EIGHTY argues that menu selling à la ONE-EIGHTY has already resonated with menu selling veterans too.

 “I have had the opportunity to view numerous menu software programs, most originating from the U.S.,” says Chris Schulthies, president of Wye Management. “ONE-EIGHTY's new menu is without question the most well thought out, intuitive, intelligent, easy to use, flexible and customizable application I have seen!”