Possibility Holdings launches new website, celebrates success


Possibility Holdings? Doesn’t ring a bell? Well try Lions Gate Marketing (LGM), Omni Companies, High Road Warranty. Possibility Holdings is their parent company.

Founded in 1998, Possibility Holdings debuted with LGM, which distributes F&I products for the automotive industry. Omni Warranty Corp and Omni Group Services followed in 2000. They administer LGM’s products.

“Our first partnership with an automotive manufacturer was forged with Volkswagen Canada in 2004,” J.P. Violot Possibility’s marketing manager told Canadian AutoWorld. “This relationship thrived and eventually paved the way for similar agreements and customized products with other manufacturers such as Audi Canada, Kia Canada, BMW Group Financial Services (for both the BMW and Mini brands) and Mazda Canada.”

In 2011, High Road Warranty was born. It supplies extended warranties through insurance brokers nationwide.

This year also saw the debut of Omni Earthworks. This non-profit organization was created to raise funds to invest in carbon offsetting initiatives within Canada.  “Through manufacturer and consumer contributions, we will be playing a valuable role in reducing the carbon footprint on our precious environment,” Possibility says.

The goal of the new website is to explain how Possibility Holdings is structured and to provide insight on the company’s vision and operations.  

“We’re an emerging finance and insurance powerhouse that has seen significant year over year growth,” he says. This new website showcases all of the companies we own and highlights our corporate achievements -- Profit 200, Great Place to Work.”

The site comes with an introductory video on the home page, which provides information about the company’s values, people, business partners and more.  

“We are thrilled to let the world know who we are.  We work hard every day and strive to deliver excellence in all that we do” said CEO Adam Hill.  

“With the introduction of this new site, it makes it easier for potential business partners and prospective employees to understand who we are and what we’re capable of. Possibility Holdings is known for setting industry leading standards.”

Canadian AutoWorld wanted to know what was next for Possibility Holdings.  

“The sky’s the limit. When you work with a Possibility company, you can be sure anything is possible,” answered Violot.