Quantech releases Online Q-Menu 2.0


F&I and lead management software developer Quantech Software.com released Q-Menus Online 2.0. The company said its latest version of Quantech’s online menu selling software simplifies usage and increases functionality.

New Q-Menus Online features make it easier to present menu and payment options to customers.

“F&I managers told us they needed to change menu and payment options from the presentation screen”, according to Mike Martin, Quantech Software general manager.

“The live edit feature makes it possible to change menu products and many of the deal attributes without leaving the presentation screen.

“It’s way easier to get around objections when alternatives can be presented quickly. Finance managers can change F&I menu products, increase the term and/or switch to a bi-weekly payment at the first sign of pushback” he said.

Live edit also makes using the menu on an iPad easier.

“Because it’s all done on the same screen, business managers can use their iPad to present a menu”.

QTracker is another new feature in Q-Menus Online 2.0.

“The QTracker tool is used to log menu and payment options that have been presented to a customer. More importantly, finance managers can use it to present multiple payment options for comparison purposes.”

The tool stores an unlimited number of menu and payment options for easy viewing in one place.

Quantech has been developing menu solutions since 2005 with the release of its first menu product, F&I Booster.

“We’ve made many changes to our menu software over the years”, explained Martin.

The release of our online version several years ago was also big. Q-Menus Online 2.0 is the best ever”.