RBC changes how it interacts with dealers


RBC Automotive Finance recently announced an entirely new, integrated sales structure to support dealers’ retail and wholesale financing needs.

The bank said this was the final major step in the Ally Canada acquisition process, a deal announced in 2012 and completed this past February.

Ron McClure, president of RBC Automotive Finance, has been leading this transformation of the business with the goal of ensuring RBC is the “undisputed leader” in auto finance nationally.

“This influx of talent and capacity presented an unparalleled opportunity to organize our business to better serve the needs of our dealers,” McClure said. “We proudly acknowledge our dealers as our primary channel for retail auto financing, and we’re adding products and capabilities to maintain our leadership in retail financing.”

At the same time, he noted that RBC was directing more expertise and resources to “serving all the needs of our dealer customers.”

“From floor and equipment financing to group banking, and private banking for dealers themselves. As an organization we’re committed to being the undisputed leader in serving auto dealers. Dealers are telling me we’re on the right track, and we’re already seeing benefits from these changes.”

RBC said it has completely reorganized its head office team to meet its goals, noting that the most public demonstration of the changes is the new sales structure.

The retail and wholesale sales teams have been integrated with George Steinsky as national head of sales, West, and Wendy Carroll, national head of sales, East.

Steinsky, former V-P of sales for retail financing, said he enjoys the potential in his new role and organization.

“Our dealers are going to notice we’re working to match their approach to their financing and other business banking needs, with a larger, more integrated perspective than ever before.”

Carroll joins the team from a regional V-P position elsewhere in the bank.

“This opportunity to help grow this new business from the ground up was compelling for me,” she said. “I’m now able to focus my attention on the auto sector across a broader geography, and that’s exciting.”

The bank now has regional vice-presidents of RBC Automotive Finance, reporting to Steinsky and Carroll respectively.

Reporting to Steinsky in the West are Erik Jensen in British Columbia, Thomas Dwyer in Alberta, Brad VandeMosselaer in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and northwest Ontario; and Jim Suske in southwestern Ontario.

Reporting to Carroll in the East is Paul Dempsey in northern and eastern Ontario, David Kostichuk in the GTA and Atlantic Canada; and Philippe Macbeth in Quebec.

McClure told Canadian AutoWorld he expects “great things” from the regional teams in the new structure.

“The larger and more integrated regional sales teams will help us be more attuned to our dealers’ businesses, and help us fulfill their needs right across the board. This is consistent with our strength as an organization: being able to handle all our clients’ financial matters, and better than anyone else in the industry.”