RBC introduces new product, training team to help dealers finance vehicles for small business


RBC Automotive Finance is introducing a new product and training program to its retail dealers. For the first time, RBC says it will have a team of trainers going across the country to help introduce a retail financing product – in this case, RBC Business Vehicle Solutions (BVS) – to ensure dealers fully understand the product, its dealer and customer benefits and how to make the process as fast and efficient as possible.

“The application process is the same as that for our consumer retail financing, it just requires some additional business information” explains George Steinsky, national head of sales – West, RBC Automotive Finance.

“Some of our dealers have experience selling a very similar product from us, so this will be an update and refresher for them. Many will be learning about it for the first time, and that’s where the RBC Dealer Education Services team is going to make a big difference.”

“BVS has been developed to serve the needs of our dealers’ business customers, and the training will help dealers capitalize on the product’s strengths to sell more vehicles to this important market,” explains Kevin Braine, manager automotive training, RBC Dealer Education Services, and one of the people going across the country to introduce BVS to dealers.

“If many vehicles or a number of more expensive vehicles are required, the RBC Automotive revolving term facility, or Auto RTF, is the ideal product. The Auto RTF acts like a credit line, where ongoing needs are established, and credit is planned to meet those needs.”

A BVS loan also accommodates revenue-generating vehicle up-fits such as hydraulics and boxes, and enables small business owners to consolidate all vehicle purchases under one RBC program.

“Small and medium size business customers can finance one or more vehicles as they grow and the need arises. The BVS product and the training to help dealers take full advantage of the product are an industry first, and demonstrate RBC’s commitment to helping dealers build sales and loyalty with their business customers” Steinsky adds.

RBC’s Business Vehicle Solutions presentations and training are being offered live from coast to coast, online, and through RBC retail account managers.

For more information on RBC Business Vehicle Solutions or RBC Dealer Education Services, please contact your local RBC Automotive Finance representative