Reynolds Restructures Dealer Agreements for Simpler, More Streamlined Contracts


The Reynolds and Reynolds Company announced that in keeping with the company’s recent recommitment to prioritizing flexibility and clarity for its dealer partners, it has restructured its dealer agreements to make them simpler, shorter, and more streamlined.

“We’ve been working with dealers so they feel more comfortable in their relationship with us, and an important part of that is their contracts,” said Chris Walsh, president of Reynolds.

Reynolds has reduced the overall size of the contracts by roughly half by modernizing and simplifying terms and conditions.

“The condensed agreements are another representation of the new way we are conducting business,” said Walsh. “They are now more in line with the marketplace.”

Walsh went on to say that these changes will help dealers devote more time and energy to their business by removing friction points. “With Reynolds products, whether they want to retail to their customers in-store, online, or a combination of the two, dealers can rest assured they don’t have to sacrifice anything,” he concluded. “Now, they can also rely on an agreement that is clear and concise.”

Effective immediately, Reynolds updated agreements will be used for new customers, returning customers, and existing customers who renew.