TD Financing Services launches a financing program for hybrid vehicles


TD Financing Services is expanding its lending program to include exclusive financing solutions for the purchase of new hybrid vehicles.

This full spectrum – prime and non-prime program – offers reduced rates to customers purchasing hybrid vehicles.

“Our dealer partners can now offer a lending solution that supports their customers’ green choices,” says Andrew Ojamae, national sales director.

Applicable to new hybrid purchases, there are more than 20 eligible vehicles from various manufacturers in the program. The addition of this program to TD Financing Services extensive product suite is another option dealers can draw on to help meet the needs of their customers, including those that are looking for ways to reduce emissions.

Also, to enhance the affordability of driving a hybrid, insurance companies are coming up with innovative solutions to reward environmentally conscious drivers.

An example of this is new insurance programs that reward drivers who own or lease hybrid vehicles by offering discounts on auto insurance premiums.

Drivers who own or lease hybrid vehicles can save up to 10 per cent on auto insurance premiums through the TD Insurance Green Wheel Program.

“The growing popularity of the Green Wheels Program shows us that we’ve tapped into a huge shift in consumer attitudes about cars, costs and carbon footprints,” says Henry Blumenthal, V-P and chief underwriter, TD Insurance.

“We wanted to respond to this trend by rewarding customers for making green choices.”

Check out the next edition of Canadian AutoWorld for more information on TD’s new financing option