TFSB ‘knows financing’


Trillium Financial Services Brokers (TFSB) said it could reduce costs associated with processing retail loan applications for lending institutions and build their portfolios faster than when working with individual independent dealers.

The Ontario-based finance firm passes on applications specific to the lender’s credit requirements, eliminating costs associated with processing inappropriate applications.

“This mutually beneficial relationship results in increases in volume and overall profit for our lenders, reduces the work load from the dealers partners which allows them to do what they do best, which is sell cars,” explained Orit Koren, president and CEO.

“TFSB also ensures all necessary documentation is properly prepared, signed and delivered to the lender on time.”

This year marks TFSB’s 15th anniversary in the market. Since it launched in 1998, Koren said TFSB has connected thousands of customers with the ability to finance their personal and commercial needs through competitive loans, leases and financing programs for everything from car loans to motorcycles to leasing for business equipment.

With programs and processes developed primarily to assist the independent used-car dealer “sell more cars and efficiently service their clients’ growing needs,” the company said it knows financing.

“Between buying and selling, auctions and advertising, parts and repairs, dealers have a lot to think about on a daily basis. TFSB’s expertise and service come from a knowledgeable, veteran staff that collectively has over 60 years of experience within the automotive and banking industries as well as a second-to-none due diligence process.”

She said that helps protect financial institutions and dealers alike from accepting applications from nonconforming consumers.

As a result, TFSB said it has developed strong relationships with major banks and other financial institutions and has “extensive knowledge of lender requirements so that they can offer the best in flexible financing programs and very competitive rates.”

“Our formula and process have proven so successful that we are the only operation of its kind to be recognized by the Used Car Dealer Association of Ontario as a valued service provider to their members.”