The menu can’t sell itself


Menu selling software hasn’t done away with the art of selling

“It’s not the menu. It’s the selling,” is the way Duane Marino, founder of Team RelMark, puts it. “Plopping a menu in front of your customers won’t do it. It’s the human being behind the menu that does the job.”

He describes the method of menu selling he created as a hybrid combining the best of step selling and menu selling. He concedes that going product by product took too long, but there’s still a need to make the customer aware of all the products on the menu and their prices.

“At my seminars, they get a systematic and thorough way to explain all of their finance and insurance options to every customer type who comes in – cash, finance, lease – with full disclosure, nothing omitted. And they get simple ways to present features, benefits and pricing of all the products within 20 to 25 minutes. It’s compatible with all software and it’s also independent of the need for software.”

Available coast to coast, Marino will attend at your dealership and teach F&I staff his method using the dealership system. If not, students can attend one of his seminars held in Toronto, three days a month.

There, he uses his version of menu selling.

As a bonus, when he holds sessions at the dealership, staff learns the art of the turnover.

“It starts with the business manager getting the sales people and service staff on board. They can help the business manager,” he says.

And he teaches the business manager to be part of the showroom sales staff. Too many just hide out in their offices and wait for the deal to walk in the door.

“There are lots of opportunities for them to create their own business. Be visible and be part of the management team,” he advises.

There are two types of turnovers to be mastered – the regular turnover, which takes place after the sale is done and the one that takes place before the sale where the customer has credit problems.

Menu selling hasn’t done away with ethics, he warns. It was created in the U.S. to reduce litigation.

“The F&I manager has to disclose fully what warranties and coverage are on the car and what is still available to them,” Marino says.

Duane Marino has been training sales personnel since 1989. He started Team RelMark in 1996. Trains sales staff, sales managers, business managers and service advisors. For more information, call 1-888-735-6275, info@duanemarino or visit