Time for a basic change in the F&I office: ‘It’s time to start colouring outside the lines


Alberta’s 300 dealers outsell Ontario’s 1,100 when it comes to business office products, says Chris Schulthies, president of Wye Management and B.O.S.S. instructor.

Why? Schulthies thinks this has to do with procedure. In Ontario and Quebec, a sale leads to a visit to the business office, where the deal, other than delivery, is done.

Not so in Alberta. In wild rose country, car buyers make two visits to the business office: the first for retail financing approval; the second, put over to another day, for selling business office products, completing the credit app and delivery.

“Maybe, that’s why other provinces are outperforming us, he says, pointing to the difference in procedure.

Besides, the second meeting does justice to the business manager who has a long day. “Can you really sell a product at 9:20 p.m.? Is this the right time?”

In Alberta, the second appointment is set to run one hour, he says, with one hour set aside for the delivery. Now, relaxed and rested, the business officer has plenty of time to pitch all the products.  

“The customer comes back next day rested and receptive too,” he argues.

When the business manager applies for credit, they add an additional allowance for other products such as extended warranties and insurance, he says. So there’s no need to reopen the app and reapply.

“And no more late night turnovers.”