Using your DMS to maximize F&I profits


The F&I office has always been a key source of dealership profits, but using your DMS’ front-end software can help take those profits to new heights, says PBS.

“PBS has always been well known in the industry for our ability to significantly increase the ‘dollar per car’ metric in the front end of your dealership,” the company says.

“Our staff constantly fields questions from F&I managers looking to make the most of the often limited time they get with each customer and maximize the effectiveness of their efforts.”

Often, it’s something as simple as being able to connect to your customers by text message instead of email, thus speeding up contact and response times while also reassuring them that dealing with your dealership was a wise decision.

PBS says it includes a menu-selling component its front-end software. But it suggests adding pictures and videos to your product presentations. This will instantly capitalize on the fact that most buyers respond more positively to visual suggestions and will turn your DMS into an interactive profit driver.

Also, a properly embedded CRM will allow your F&I managers to keep in close contact with customers who may have chosen not to buy products offered them at the time they bought their vehicle, the company advises.

“Detailed follow-up reminders generated by the software will not only feed directly to your F&I managers, but can also feed to their supervisors in order to keep the chain of accountability intact,” the company says.

PBS says dealers should not overlook the F&I manager’s efficiency. Some simple ways to do this are with integrated credit applications, upgraded accessory and protection package modules and easy-to-use warranty sales tools which allow quicker and more effective ways to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.

“The results are better protected and happier customers along with a stronger bottom line for your dealership.”

No matter how well your F&I department is being run, there’s always room for improvement.

“Some of the best success stories come from dealerships and individuals who simply get better at what they do every day. PBS’ market share is growing and that’s because we work with you and your staff to continuously challenge processes, help fully utilize your front end software and consistently driving towards improvement. Today is the day to start using your DMS in order to finally maximize F&I profitability.”