Getting the most out of your DMS’ service software


When using a comprehensive dealer management system, it can be easy to forget just how encompassing the software can be, explains Michael Collins, vice-president and general manager of DealerTrack Canada.

“The customer experience is paramount to service success,” he says. “Most customers are in the service department because there is a problem. Most customers don't like to spend time or money repairing their most important mode of transportation. Dealers running the DealerTrack DMS service solution use it as an intuitive, simple to use tool.”

To make sure you are getting the most out of your software’s service option while focusing on customer experience, dealers need to ensure the software flows within their service process.

According to Collins, DealerTrack’s DMS service software allows the service department personnel to manage the service business. Included is appointment scheduling, which in turn makes the customer experience faster and better.

“It helps to verify availability of shop skills on any given day or week. It provides tools to merchandise services to customers and also gives the technician the ability to communicate quickly with advisors and the parts department.”
Beyond the day-to-day aspects, though, Collins explains that a helpful DMS service function should also report on trends and show profitability, productivity and efficiencies.

“This in itself provides dealership management real-time analysis so they can provide training where needed to help improve the customer experience and ultimately service profitability,” he adds. “The information should be real-time and available for all other departments immediately.”

So how can things like an integrated appointment system help the service department?

“DealerTrack’s integrated appointment system includes quick access to shop load so the appointment can be booked when shop time is available. There is also quick response to the customer upon arrival for the appointment and multiple opportunities to merchandise service to the customer without being missed.”

Getting the most out of the service solution means dealers can respond to customers quicker and with consistency.

“Because it is truly an integrated, real-time system, everyone in the dealership has the exact same, accurate data at all times. For example, a recent trade-in is currently being reconditioned in the service department,” DealerTrack says.

“At the same time, the sales team will be able to see the cost of that reconditioning and factor it into the gross profit of the transaction. And the information is immediately available and accurate in accounting as well. There is no end-of-day processing or batch jobs. So basically, the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. This positively impacts the dealer's credibility and their bottom line.”

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