MPi launches PORTAL


MPi, a provider of revenue and retention solutions for automotive dealership service departments, has launched EDGE WorldClass PORTAL.

The online platform takes MPi’s Know Your Vehicle Report and automatically generates personalized web pages, featuring a fully interactive 3D experience that includes detailed service recommendations, photos, videos and diagnostics.  

“PORTAL increases the dealership’s ability to sell service and retain customers by providing all inspection information in one quickly accessible web page that is easy for customers to navigate,” the company said in a release.

The Know Your Vehicle Report has a track record of promoting customer retention. Dealerships using it enjoy over 30 per cent of upsells from return visits within 30 days of initial service.

MPi now says it has enhanced the customer experience by delivering that type of information online in PORTAL and expects results will go even higher.

“PORTAL provides a central location for the dealership’s customer to view, drill-down and access all multi-point inspection information with the tap of a finger or the click of a mouse.”

Along with PORTAL MPi has also released another WorldClass Solution called PHOTOS. PHOTOS enable the service department to provide customers with actual photos of their needed repairs to authenticate recommendations and build trust that generates additional sales.

Using PHOTOS, both service advisors and technicians can capture pictures quickly with an Apple mobile device or Android. The images are stored in a gallery in PORTAL that becomes a permanent part of the repair order history and can be annotated with any information that could be relevant to the customer experience.

These photos can be used to help sell needed service, either on the service advisor's PC, or in a separate email to support the ActionPlan.

“We’ve been using EDGE WorldClass for a little over a year and it’s been a fabulous retention tool for us, now with PORTAL we can do even more. Just recently Toyota conducted a retention study and out of 76 dealers in the Los Angeles region and we were honoured to be Number One,” said Kevin Young, service director with Bob Smith Toyota.

The company says PORTAL was developed to give the customer a more personal experience with their service department, along with easy access to their vehicle
maintenance history and repair recommendations.

It provides a fully interactive and data-rich experience that engages the dealership customer more effectively with the service department. Accessible 24/7, it enables the customer to access their inspection results and vehicle history in a cutting-edge digital technology as follows:

• Provides one central location for all inspection items to be
graphically displayed

• Contains a unique URL for each customer, ensuring all data is
archived and can be viewed at the same web location time after time

• Embeds the link for the customer in an email or text message that
can be viewed on a device right at the dealership, or on the
customer’s smartphone

• Organizes inspection reports for the customer as well as photos,
links to videos and previously declined repairs in one convenient
place, and can provide more in-depth information through drill-down
clicks or taps

•  Provides customers with service history for all their vehicles
serviced at the dealership by accessing a simple drop-down box on the
 PORTAL page