New dye kit for hybrid A/C systems


Tracer Products has introduced the TP-3812 Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit, featuring a new dye it says is specially formulated for use in all hybrid vehicles.

The kit includes three Tracer-Stick capsules filled with a “concentrated, co-solvent free POE fluorescent dye” with a unique additive package blended exclusively for hybrid A/C systems.  

The capsules are individually wrapped in a foil pouch with a desiccant bag to seal out moisture. The kit also includes an R-134a hose/coupler with check valve, a purge capsule and two purge/service fittings for both hose purging and connecting to a refrigerant source.

Tracer says to add the dye, just connect one end of the hose to the R-134a low-side service port of the system and the other end to the refrigerant source. The dye and refrigerant are injected together, yet no residual dye is left in the hose to absorb moisture.  

Wherever the refrigerant escapes, so does the dye.  When scanned with a high-intensity Tracerline UV or blue light inspection lamp, the leak sites glow a bright yellow-green to reveal the exact source of all leaks.

For more information about the Tracerline Hybrid Vehicle A/C Dye Injection Kit, call toll-free 1-800-641-1133 or visit