New product seals head gasket leaks


Rislone says its Head Gasket Fix is the first product to “permanently repair” head gasket and other major cooling system leaks when added directly to the radiator.

“No flushing of antifreeze/coolant is required, and the vehicle is ready for normal driving in as little as 15 minutes,” the company said in a release.

The new product combines sealing liquid with various sizes of gasket-sealing particles to penetrate gaps and cracks, and then harden to permanently stop leaks.

In addition to repairing blown head gaskets, it also fixes leaking cylinder heads, intake gaskets, cracked blocks and freeze plugs. It is compatible with all types of antifreeze, including conventional green or blue (silicate-based) and extended life (red/orange) or yellow (OAT/HOAT).

The product also can be used in cooling systems containing only water. Rislone Head Gasket Fix works on aluminum and cast iron heads and engine blocks.

Suggested list price for a bottle of Rislone Head Gasket Fix is $36.95 and one 680 g bottle treats systems up to 15 litres (most vehicles with four, six or eight cylinders). It is available to distribution in case packs of four bottles.

Like all Rislone products, Head Gasket Fix is made in the USA. The label includes directions in both English and French and is compliant with Canadian labeling requirements.

For more information visit or call (800) 521-7475.