Reynolds keeps an eye on backshop revenue


Monitoring service department revenues is always easier said than done. There are plenty of key performance indicators for the service department, but building them into the DMS is a chore for most dealership staffers. Now, software developer the Reynolds and Reynolds Company announced July 8 that it has done the work for them with the addition of its General Manager Exception Reporting tool to complement its ERA dealership management system.

“This tool enables dealership management to monitor a number of critical business exceptions in their operations,” said Alain Sabbah, V-P sales for Reynolds and Reynolds Canada. “ERA General Manager Exception Reporting helps dealership decision makers save time sifting through and analyzing data about their business so they can move swiftly to resolve potential business problems and plug profit leaks.”

Sabbah went on to say that the reports are available daily and can be tailored to meet the needs of individual dealerships.

Shawn Corley, product planning fixed operations for Reynolds, told Canadian AutoWorld that the tool offered reports that show the number of repair orders written, the number of upsells and write-offs, labour dollars per repair order, gross profit percentages and many more.

“You can establish what you want to see on the report and what the operating ranges are going to be,” Corley explained. “It allows the general manager or the service manager to see what’s going on profit wise with one easy-to-read report.”

He pointed out that the dealer or service manager can follow the life of each and every repair order written daily from the price quoted at service advisor’s desk to the time the customer drives off and find out what the customer paid and why.

“If the service manager wants to maintain 70 percent gross on labour, it shows the orders that haven’t met that.”

The tool allows management to measure the performance of each service advisor by the upsells on each work order.

General Manager Exception Reporting offers different types of reports, one contains more performance-oriented information of interest to the GM or service manager while the summary one contains “high-level” profit information for the dealer, he said.

Sabbah says the tool takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of performance monitoring.

“If you know that the average upsell generates $100 extra per work order and you want it to be $150, you can find out which service advisor is meeting the standard and which aren’t. These reports highlight the problems and Reynolds and Reynolds Canada has the trainers to help dealership staff meet those standards.”

General Manager Exception Reporting is for dealers using the ERA dealer management system and is also available for other departments in the dealership.

For more information, contact your local Reynolds and Reynolds Canada account manager.