Shelving options from Nelson


You know if it makes Paul Teutel Sr. – the hard-talking, no-nonsense founder of one of the world’s most popular motorcycle companies – smile, it has to be a good thing.
Good and tough.

The product, Nelson Industrial’s NEOS shop furniture, helped transform an area of the widely successful Orange County Choppers’ shop, and Teutel’s home garage, with the same technology you can choose to organize your service department.

While NEOS is not an “off-the-shelf solution,” Dave Thomson, Nelson national sales manager, said the options are reconfigurable to fit any need and space.

“Custom does not mean costly,” Thomson said, a statement echoed by one of the latest Nelson customers.

Patrick Graham of Tony Graham Lexus in Ottawa recently selected the NEOS custom bench system for the dealership because it could go “over and above Lexus’s already high standards,” he said.

 “And I can have this visually striking system at a price that fits my budget,” he added.
Graham said he “really did his homework,” and came to the conclusion that Nelson was the best fit for him.  

The Nelson system allows for incorporation of the technician’s “individual preferences” in the workspace.

After the company outfitted the Orange County Chopper shop, made famous over the last few years through the TLC television show of the same name that chronicles the lives and work of the Teutul clan, Teutul Sr. said the new storage system fits in well with his “get-it-done philosophy.”

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